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Membership Terms

At Waggle Mail, we intend to offer a variety of memberships (each, a “Membership”). Please review these Membership Terms carefully and make sure you understand them before enrolling because they contain important and relevant information regarding any Membership you may purchase, including renewal and cancellation terms. Memberships are continuous and automatically renew unless you cancel your Membership, or we otherwise terminate your Account and/or Membership. Currently, Waggle Mail provides a subscription service for delivery of canine-related products every three (3) months for your dog or as a gift to other dog owners.

By purchasing a Membership, you agree to the terms below, as well as our Terms.

  1. Full Membership. A Full Membership consists of four subscription boxes (each a “Subscription Box”) sent out every three (3) months (a “Subscription Period”).  If you sign up for a Full Membership, you will be immediately billed $149.95 CAD (plus shipping and taxes if applicable) as a non-refundable minimum purchase and that Subscription Box will be the first Subscription Box you receive. The specific Subscription Box you receive \ is subject to availability or may be based on the specific promotional code that you choose to use. Your Membership will then continue according to our quarterly schedule and your credit or debit card will be charged $149.95 CAD (plus shipping and taxes, if applicable) up to a month in advance of the subsequent Subscription Box shipment date, and every quarter thereafter. The Full Membership is for an ongoing service that is billed each quarter ($149.95 CAD, plus shipping and taxes if applicable) and will be automatically charged to your payment method on file. Unless you cancel in accordance with these Membership Terms (in particular, see section 2 “Cancellation” below), you will continue to be charged as described above.
  2. Cancellation. You may cancel your Membership with us at any time, subject to the time frames below. We do not place “holds” on Memberships.  To cancel your Membership, you must contact us at the contact information provided below.  There are no cancellation fees.  Cancellations must be initiated prior to the cancellation date relevant to each type of Membership.  Cancelling your Membership does not provide you a refund for Membership payments already processed, nor does it stop a pending charge. Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.
    • Full Membership Cancellations.  For Full Memberships, if the Subscription Box is purchased (i) between and including the 1st to the 14th of a calendar month, you must cancel prior to the 1st of the third month or (ii) between and including the 15th to the last day of the calendar month, you must cancel prior to the 15th of the third month in the then current Subscription Period.  For example, if you subscribed on May 5th for the Subscription Box, your card would be charged and you would be required to cancel by August 1st, otherwise the next Subscription Box would be billed again on August 1st.  
  3. Add-Ons. We may offer additional Products that Customers with a Membership may add to that Subscription Box or Customers without a Membership may purchase (“Paid Services”). Paid Services are only offered from time to time.  For Customers with Memberships, any such additional Paid Services are generally billed in conjunction with the billing dates for that Subscription Period’s Subscription Box and are shipped along with your Subscription Box. For all other Customers, orders for Paid Services are generally billed on order and are generally and shipped within two weeks of successful billing, where shipping and handling fees may be charged for those Canadian Customers who order such Paid Services but have not subscribed to a Membership.  
  4. Contact Information.  For questions, concerns, cancellations, and any other questions you may have, please contact us at the information provided below:

‍Phone: (888) 924-4364 or (888) WAG-4DOG
E-mail: support@wagglemail.com
Attention: Customer Service

Waggle Mail is exploring other Membership plans and frequencies.  Please stay tuned, where updates to Membership plans will be updated on this page as they become available.