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Why Waggle Mail?

Every year, countless dogs visit the vet for procedures that could have been prevented with the right products and accurate information.

Waggle Mail bridges this gap, empowering pet parents to confidently make decisions that support their dogs’ health and wellbeing.

Here’s what makes us, us:

Vet-owned and operated

Our founder, Dr. Beck, is a registered veterinarian who promotes and practices head-to-tail health. Every resource we publish and every product we pack receives her stamp of approval to make sure it’s the right fit for your dog.

Designed to adapt

Like us, our dogs’ mental and physical health needs evolve over time. As your dog grows from puppy to adult to senior, your Waggle Mail subscription will adapt to accommodate those changing needs.

Packed with purpose

Everything we do, we do with purpose. The items you’ll find inside your Waggle Mail box—from durable dental chews to educational materials—are chosen not only for their value, but for their suitability for your dog.

Filler free

As pet parents ourselves, we believe it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to make decisions for our dogs that help them live their happiest, healthiest lives. There’s no need to fill your subscription with filler. Instead, we choose health- and wellness-focused pieces that are purposeful and built to last.

Happiness guaranteed

When your dog is happy, you feel happy. For us, it’s the same thing: when our customers (pets and their parents) are happy, so are we. We match the quality of our customer experience with the quality of the contents inside each and every Waggle Mail box.

MEET Dr. Beck

The brains behind the brand.

The Waggle Mail Story