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Protect your pet with a Waggle Mail First Aid Kit for only $59.95 + tax (includes shipping).

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Let’s face it: mishaps happen.

The Waggle Mail First Aid Kit is designed to help keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe. Filled with dozens of pet first aid essentials hand-picked by our resident veterinarian, these kits are perfect for the home, car, and wherever your travels may take you.



Lightweight, compact design means your kit can go where you go. Kit backing features two straps for easy fastening to backpacks, collars, and harnesses.


Water-resistant nylon exterior handles even the toughest of terrains.


First aid essentials are efficiently organized so you can quickly grab and go.

Peace of mind

Feel protected with all the supplies you need for unexpected canine emergencies.
Waggle Mail First Aid Kit for Dogs


6” wide x 8” tall x 3” thick

Contains over 16 pet first aid essentials such as:

  • Scissors and bandaging
  • Hydrogen peroxide*
  • Sterile saline flush, gauze, and gloves
    (the trifecta for flushing out wounds, mouths, and eyes)
  • Tweezers
  • Diphenhydramine pills*
    (helpful to have on hand for allergic reactions)
  • Styptic powder/silver nitrate sticks
    (stops bleeding nails in a flash)
    *To be administered under the instruction of a veterinarian

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