Who could say no to those puppy eyes?

Meet Josie

Unlimited energy. Unlimited cute.

Josie’s parents picked Waggle Mail to help them learn the ins and outs of raising a happy, healthy puppy.

NicknameJoJo, Miss Moo, Josie-poo
Age3 months
Breed(s)Australian Shepherd x Poodle (Aussiedoodle)

At only 12 weeks old, the world is a pretty exciting place for Josie. Around every corner is something new to see, smell, do, and, well… chew.

As first-time pet parents and brand new homeowners, Stephanie and Kelsey knew Josie’s curious, playful puppy energy could lead to costly and even dangerous mischief. They came to us keen to keep Josie entertained, out of trouble, and on track to grow into a happy, healthy girl.

What’s Inside Josie’s Waggle Mail Box?

Because Josie is new in town, we packed her Waggle Mail box with products and information to support proper puppy development. Along with information on puppy hygiene, manners, and training tips, we curated breed-appropriate products to keep her nipping and mouthing to a minimum.

FeatUred Products

Here are a few of the vet-curated products we included in Josie’s dog subscription box:

Caring for your puppy bookletCaring for your puppy
The perfect companion for a puppy parent. This booklet is full of tips and tricks to help you train and manage your new, energetic bundle now, and what to expect in the months ahead.
Adaptil Junior Calming Collar for your DogAdaptil calming pheromone collar
We picked this calming collar to help Josie feel confident exploring and adapting to her new home.
Nutri-Vet Puppy-Vite Chewable Vitamins for PuppiesNutri-Vet Puppy-Vite chewables
These vet-formulated chewable vitamins support healthy puppy growth and development.
Lavender Scented Toy for DogsLavender-scented fleece toy
Like babies, most puppies love the smell of lavender. We included a super soft toy for Josie to cuddle up with at the end of a long day.
Cocotherapy dog treatsCocotherapy Coco-Charms
To help with training and keep Josie’s tummy happy, we included a bag of 100% human-grade organic and non-GMO puppy treats.

 Pet Parent Review

We asked Stephanie to give us some pack feedback on Josie’s first Waggle Mail experience. This is what she had to say:

As a new puppy mama, these Waggle Mail boxes are everything. Every day I come up with another 100 questions, but the information booklets included in the box have been such a help. We’re loving the products, too. Who knew how handy a poo-bag holder would be?! We can’t wait for our next box. Now that Josie’s a little older, she’s going to tear right into it.

If there’s a puppy in your home (or there soon will be), it’s never too early—or too late—to prepare for puppyhood. When you join our pack, you become part of a community of pet parents taking the very best care of their very best friends.

We pack each and every Waggle Mail box with vet-curated products and information that is purpose full and filler free.

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Unlimited energy. Unlimited cute.

Josie’s parents picked Waggle Mail to help them learn the ins and outs of raising a happy, healthy puppy.

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