Look at those long legs!

Meet Gypsy

A golden girl enjoying her golden years.

Gypsy is a gentle giant whose pet parents wanted to make sure her senior years were a splash.

Gypsy, a Great Dane

NicknameGyps, Milosh
Age7.5 years
Breed(s)Great Dane

A picky eater with age-related mobility issues, Gypsy loves a leisurely walk in the park as much as she does a lazy Saturday on the couch. Don’t let her size fool you: this girl loves to cuddle.

As Gypsy transitioned into her golden years, her parents have done a great job staying on top of her changing physical, medical, and lifestyle needs. Having a senior dog often means extra trips to the vet, so Cassidy and Chase chose Waggle Mail to supplement their regular veterinary routine.

What’s Inside Gypsy’s Waggle Mail Box?

To keep Gypsy’s mind sharp and her joints nimble, we provided a mentally challenging puzzle toy that doesn’t require high impact exercise to use. Great for the brain, easy on the joints. We also included joint supplements with therapeutic levels of things like glucosamine and chondroitin—musts for healthy cartilage and bone.

Featured Products

Here are a few of the vet-curated products we included in Gypsy’s dog subscription box:

Max & Molly Beef Liver Powder for DogsMax & Molly beef liver powder
To keep Gypsy interested in her food, we included a 100% beef liver powder food topper for her parents to add at mealtime.
Kong Ballistic Hide-n-Treat Dog Toy & PuzzleKong Ballistic Hide-n-Treat
Who says couch potatoes can’t have fun while lounging? To keep Gypsy engaged during lazy days, we chose a senior-friendly, two-in-one durable plush toy and treat puzzle.
Therabites Healthy Joint Supplement for DogsTherabites & Dasuquin MSM chews.
Arthritis and joint pain is a common concern as dogs age. To support Gypsy’s joint health, we picked one of our favourite vet-recommended joint supplements.

Pet Parent Review

We asked Cassidy to give us some pack feedback on Gypsy’s Waggle Mail experience. After almost eight years together, nobody knows and loves Gypsy better than she does. This is what she had to say:

I really appreciated the curated aspect of the Waggle Mail box. Now that Gypsy has entered her senior years, I feel like I’m having to learn how to be a dog mom all over again as her needs change. The glucosamine treats for her joints and the live powder to keep her interested in her food were products I don’t think I would have otherwise considered. Thanks to Waggle Mail, Gyps is on a one-way train to Flavourtown with every meal!

Waggle Mail is designed to meet your dog’s changing needs, whether they’re a puppy, a senior, or somewhere in between. When you join our pack, you become part of a community of pet parents taking the very best care of their very best friends.

We pack each and every Waggle Mail box with vet-curated products and information that is purpose full and filler free.


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