Waggle Mail by the water!

Meet Zumma

Adventures of an allergic retiree.

Anxiety sent this former teaching beagle into an early retirement, but Zumma hasn’t let her fears slow her down.

NicknameScrappy-Doo, Goobie, Zoomboomafoo
Age5 years

During her time at the Atlantic Veterinary College, Zumma helped veterinary students learn about basic animal care. She also won the heart of her now pet parent, Brittney, who welcomed her into her home and has been encouraging Zumma to discover the world and conquer anxiety ever since.

On top of her anxiety, Zumma also struggles with environmental and food allergies. Thankfully, neither has affected her adventurous, fun-loving personality. Zumma still regularly braves the great outdoors with her sister and fellow retired teacher, Skye.

What’s Inside Zumma’s Waggle Mail Box?

To help her make the most of her retirement, we filled Zumma’s Waggle Mail box with products and information to support her mobility and accommodate her anxiety. Because she and her sister are closely bonded and love to share, we included items that would be Skye-friendly, too.

Featured Products

Here are a few of the vet-curated products we packed in Zumma’s dog subscription box:

Bowl for Long-Eared DogsBuster IncrediBowl
We picked this bowl specifically to keep Zumma’s long beagle ears out of her breakfast.
Dog Tartar Control ChewsC.E.T. VeggieDent Zen Tartar Control chews
This veterinary-exclusive line of calming dental chews does double duty, helping manage Zumma’s anxiety and preventing plaque and tartar buildup.
Wet Wipes for Dogs with AllergiesMalacetic wet wipes
Portable and proven effective, these vet-proven wipes can easily be tucked into a day pack to keep Zumma’s ears and paws clean after a day of adventuring.
WAG Dog TreatsWAG Kangaroo treats
Food allergies shouldn’t mean treats are off the table. We chose these single-ingredient hypoallergenic treats to motivate Zumma to keep moving.

Pet Parent Review

We asked Brittney to give us some pack feedback on Zumma’s Waggle Mail experience. This is what she had to say:

Opening our Waggle Mail box felt like a luxury dog subscription box experience! Everything, right down to the packaging, was absolutely beautiful and Zumma adored it all. The products were so personalized to Zumma’s health needs. The box was filled with products you can’t get at the pet store or on Amazon. We’re so impressed.

Dogs with special needs deserve special treatment. When you join our pack, you become part of a community of pet parents taking the very best care of their very best friends.

We pack each and every Waggle Mail box with vet-curated products and information that is purpose full and filler free.


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