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19 Sep 2022

Deaf dogs: How to raise them and why we love them

Not sure if your dog is deaf or a selective listener? We help you figure out how to tell if your dog is deaf and how to live your happiest, healthiest lives together.

Healthy Bond
12 Sep 2022

Understanding dog anxiety symptoms (and what to do about them)

Think you might have an anxious pup? Understand dog anxiety symptoms and how to manage them with help from our vets.

Healthy Body
12 Aug 2022

CBD for Puppies: Yay or No Way?

Can puppies have CBD? Our vets unpack the truths and misconceptions about CBD for puppies.

Healthy Bond
20 Jun 2022

How to Crate Train a Puppy

Not sure how to crate train your puppy? From puppy barking in crate to crate training at night, we’re covering all the doggy den basics.

Healthy Body
09 May 2022

Dog Car Anxiety

Heading on a trip and need to know what to do for dog car anxiety or dog car sickness? We discuss everything from symptoms to treatments for a smoother ride.

Healthy Body
06 Jan 2022

CBD Oil for Dogs: A Canadian Perspective on Cannabis

Cannabis is approved for human use in Canada… but what about dogs? Find out the legalities, implications, and complexities of CBD oil for dogs in Canada.

Healthy Bond
16 Dec 2021

The Best Safe Toys For Dogs To Keep Busy Dogs Busy

In the market for safe toys for your dogs? From indestructible to interactive, we’re sharing our list of the best dog toys in Canada.

Healthy Mind
23 Jun 2021

Stay Tuned: Relaxation Music for Dogs

Dog music—fact or fiction? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about calming music for dogs, including a special, sweet-sounding treat.

Healthy Mind
03 May 2021

Canine Cabin Fever: Tips & Toys For Dogs

Prevent your dog from going stir crazy indoors with these five fun, simple ways to mentally stimulate and entertain them.