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Our veterinarian owner before creating her dog subscription box

Waggle Mail founder Dr. Christine Beck has loved animals and advocated for their welfare all her life. Her practice as a registered veterinarian centers on head-to-tail health, considering each animal’s unique physical, mental, social, and lifestyle needs.

The inspiration for what would eventually become Waggle Mail came to Dr. Beck on a holiday in 2013. She jotted her thoughts down in a journal, and then tucked that vision away for nearly six years. In 2019, she returned to her words and began a journey to share her passion for proactive, preventative health with pet parents around the world.

With a focus on health, wellness, and quality information and products, Waggle Mail challenges the conventional dog subscription box model. Dr. Beck and her team empower pet parents, seeking their input and providing them the resources they need to support their dogs’ wellbeing.

The Waggle Mail Difference

In her words

Veterinarian Dr. Christine Beck with her two dogs, Bickleigh and Charlie

“Dogs mean the world to me. They are the definition of unconditional love, greeting you like you’re the most important person in the world, comforting you when life throws you a curveball, and loyally standing by your side through thick and thin.

Because I’m a vet I’m considered the expert, but in my opinion pet parents seldom get the credit they deserve. You know your dog best because you spend time together every single day. You know their quirks, habits, and needs. I wanted to celebrate this through Waggle Mail.

It’s a privilege for my team and I to be even a small part of your pet-parent bond. We take seriously our responsibility to provide products and information that’s right for both of you.

I stand behind every item we include in our Waggle Mail boxes, from our in-house educational booklets to our ear cleansers and everything in between. I wouldn’t include something in a box that I wouldn’t give to Bickleigh or Charlie (who happen to be my top two product testers).

My vision for Waggle Mail has always been to prioritize health, wellness, and excellent customer care. I want our members to feel like they’re part of something special. A community. A family. A pack.”

Dr. Christine Beck, Veterinarian and Waggle Mail Dog Subscription Box Owner & Curator