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A Premium Dog Subscription Box Every Three Months

Each Waggle Mail box comes with up to eight items and a themed wellness booklet from our vet.

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Every unique box comes with:

  • Vet-exclusive health products
    (eg. anxiety support, joint supplements, skin products)
  • Dental chews
    (the whole bag, not just individual chews)
  • Fun toys and enrichment puzzles
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle accessories
  • Quality vet-selected treats

See what's inside the boxes of Waggle Mail members.


Meet Josie: Unlimited energy. Unlimited cute.


Meet Zumma: Adventures of an allergic retiree.


Meet Gypsy: A golden girl enjoying her golden years.

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With our quarterly subscription box you and your dog will receive a wealth of health at your doorstep once every three months. Here’s how we make it happen:

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Our Blog

Information and resources to support a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy pet-parent bond.

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21 Oct 2021

The Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog Allergies (Part III): Food Allergies

For the third and final instalment of our dog allergies series, we’re talking about all things food allergies (also known as cutaneous adverse food reactions or CAFR).

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20 Oct 2021

Seriously… Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Ever wonder why dogs eat poop? We demystify this “distasteful” behaviour to help you make the best of a smelly situation.

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14 Sep 2021

The Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog Allergies (Part II): Environmental Allergies

In this second instalment of our 3-part series on dog allergies, we’re talking about all things environmental allergies (canine atopic dermatitis).

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07 Sep 2021

No pain, all gain: Pain relief for dogs

Acute or chronic, canine pain is, well… a pain. Find out what options you have for pain relief for dogs, including what pain meds are dog-friendly.

Healthy Body
10 Aug 2021

The Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog Allergies (Part I)

Allergies in dogs are a complicated business. This first post of our 3-part series covers the major types of dog allergies, what to watch for, and how to scratch the itch.

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